Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goodbye Grandma

Saturday, June 14, 2014

introverted personality hiding a social butterfly

This is the best description of my personality that has ever existed. I have come to realize after years of saying the wrong thing I truly am not SHY. No i can and will talk with people therefore shy isn't a proper word to express my feelings.

Time to start sharing my Tumblr thoughts here

Have you ever been tempted while not being tempted? Surrounded by gorgeous women but knowing even if you were willing to succumb to the temptation you’d never have the balls to speak to them to get the ball rolling. My love life is the greatest of mysteries. I’ve spent a lifetime being shy and timid but somehow im far removed from virginity. That ship sailed, crossed the Atlantic, looted and plundered the natives. So that being said I always think to myself how? It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve gained so much experience, but to this very day if a woman I deem attractive would speak to me id freeze like a deer in headlights. 
I guess life is weird that way. Even though my past is still a mystery my future is pretty set. Fear of cheating goes out the window when just the thought leads to crippling guilt, and any attempt to want to speak with anyone with any physical beauty leads to dry mouth shortened breath and blank mind. Basically at the age of 33 I still respond the same way I did when I was 12. I don’t mind it though this lack of actions saves me from a lot of BS I see people go through.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

how my mind works

Speak up to catch the ear of a crowded room. Unsure if everyone will understand what you are saying. Your thoughts are your own, but the emotions go deeper and this is what you are desperately attempting to convey. Everyone should be looking at you soaking your words up like sunshine. Your thoughts and feelings nourishing their bodies like the vitamin K they so desperately need though they are unaware of its importance. Thats right, your emotions are nothing more than the bastard vitamin to them. You crave to be their beloved C hell you’ll even take the second tier D or B-12. No not you, not today. You stand in the center of a crowd yet you’ve never felt so alone. Of course that is a lie, you’ve known this loneliness everyday since puberty. Of course you’ve connected with people here and there over the years, but your soul craves more. You were born to have an audience, legions of fans and admirers. People who hang on your every word like the morning sun radiates on a dew drop. You have lots to say, tons of ideas to be expressed. Writing helps however not knowing who’s reading is murder. Blurred faces in a sea of people, never knowing what is thought of the things you say. How can you change the world when you get no response? Your pulse is strong but your heart is weak. Aching for the day when finally your uniqueness, your quiet introspective view on all things strikes a cord and makes an audible difference in the lives of many. Until then all we do is write and hope.
  Feb 8 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Story time

She walked down from the mountain. Purse full of goji berry heart full of wonder. She had a stride like a Clydesdale and hair like one too. Golden mane glistening in the autumn sun. She was like no one I had ever seen before. Beauty wasn't quite the word you would use to describe her. Her looks were something more. Something pure and enjoyable, just being in her presence felt like a blessing. To hear her voice was to be in the audience of a choir or angels. She was more than a woman, and the fact she was strolling down the path for me made me more than a man. I was a doomed man.
Perfection was never meant to be captured by man. Only the creator has the know how to maintain it. To try and harness the unthinkable force of her was unimaginable, however I knew I was fool enough to try. Who am I exactly? That's a good question. The answer may not be simple. Then again it probably is much easier than I'd like.
- a look inside the mind of D -

Time away

Took some time away to find my voice. Realize my scream has become but a whimper and the force of my pimp hand diminished to but a tap of a Pom Pom. Yes the end of the cool guy D is neigh (near for all you unread motherfuckers).

- a look inside the mind of D -

Friday, August 16, 2013

Still living

Ok I'm still alive
I haven't left this mortal coil
This is still a place for true self expression
I'm done for now but shall be back again.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Drunks just have fun

You know it's been a good time when you lose a shoe, are wearing someone else's socks and though you are in your bed the keys in your hand aren't yours. You know you should be frightened, but the tingling in your body and the minty tangy taste on your tongue won't allow it.
Yes my friends you just made your night EPIC through the power of alcohol. Too bad you'll never remember it.

- a look inside the mind of D -

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Wake to a new tomorrow. Tomorrow is yesterday's today. We are living in a future that we shall never reach. You can never truly reach tomorrow and you never get out of yesterday. Time is a mystery my friends. You think you understand how it moves, then you come to realize maybe time hasn't moved and we are merely living in the mists of actions. What does it all mean? Maybe the ultimate meaning is that its all meaningless.

Friday, November 9, 2012

He won

So now this horrid ugly election season is over. I'm so happy we can breath again as our faith in humanity has been restored.

- a look inside the mind of D -